• Thermaltake Bicycle successfully completed the 2022 Tour of East Taiwan

    Apr 12 2022

    Taitung, Taiwan-April 11st, 2022-In the 2022 Tour of East Taiwan , the riders rode along the Huadong Rift Valley line and completed a self-challenge of 340 kilometers within the time limit of 11 hours. Thermaltake Bicycle is the first time to form a team to participate, we calling on colleagues of the company to participate in the competition on the bicycles of thermaltake bicycle's agency brands. Even General Manager Peter, who just completed the Ironman race in March, joined the team to finish the race together! The good weather for two consecutive days broke the spell of rain in Huanhuadong for many years, and left a glorious sunburn on each participating partner. Congratulations! Heros!
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  • Thermaltake Bicycle Rides TIME Bicycles and stijncycles Challenge Taiwan KOM, the world's top ten toughest races

    Mar 30 2022

    Pingtung, Taiwan-March 21st, 2022- Thermaltake Bicycle Ken, Sophia and Stijn Deferm, the founder of stijncycles, rode Alpe d' Huez 01 of TIME Bicycles and PEG Road of stijncycle, which are agent by Thermaltake Bicycles, to challenge the KOM in Taiwan. Starting from the Qixingtan beach, passing through the Taroko Gorge, mixed forests at medium altitudes to the continuous peaks above 2,500 meters, and finally reaching the Wuling Mountains with an altitude of 3,275 meters. Faced with severe self-challenges, you need the best tools to achieve your goals. Congratulations to all the contestants who finished the competition, and welcome to join us in the next challenge!
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