About Wilier

Thermaltake Bicycle Wilier Triestina Flagship Store

Address:No. 242, Yangguang St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114738 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:02 – 8751 2328
Open hours:Monday – Sunday 11:00 –20:00

Wilier Triestina, the renowned Italian prestigious bikes brand since 1906. Thermaltake Bicycle, the exclusive distributor, operated its first flagship store in Asia in Taipei's Neihu district in 2023. The flagship store showcases the complete range of Wilier Triestina products. The offerings include road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, time trial bikes, E-Bikes, accessories, cycling apparel, and more. Wilier sculpts masterpieces of performance and clockwork precision, and engineers timeless icons of innovation and style. The store caters to cyclists of all levels, from beginners to professional athletes, providing a comprehensive shopping experience for enthusiasts.

This flagship store symbolizes a significant milestone in the continued growth of Wilier Triestina in the Asian market, particularly in Taiwan, known as the kingdom of bicycles, where it has garnered immense enthusiasm and praise from cycling enthusiasts. Through relentless innovation and effort, Thermaltake Bicycle is dedicated to meeting the high expectations of cyclists, expanding the cycling landscape in Taiwan, and simultaneously delivering an authentic European factory experience.


Full Range of Wilier Triestina

Lightweight road bike models include Filante SLR, 0 SLR, 0 SL, and Garda; gravel bikes designed to tackle various road conditions include Rave SLR, JENA, and Jareen; hardtail and full-suspension mountain bike models comprise Usma SLR, Urta SLR, and 110 FX; embracing the European trend of electric-assist bikes are Filante Hybrid and Jena Hybrid; and the classic steel frame model is Superleggera. For the first time in Taiwan, the complete range of Wilier Triestina bike models is introduced, featuring displays and sales of entry-level to top-tier bikes to satisfy all riding experience needs.

Wilier Triestina Apparel

The iconic trident and Wilier Triestina brand logo are prominently featured in all apparel items, including jerseys, cycling shorts, base layers, gloves, caps, and casual wear. The designs are minimalist yet rich in brand culture. In addition to Wilier Triestina’s apparel, the store also offers jerseys sponsored by Wilier Triestina for the Astana Qazaqstan pro cycling team, featuring team colors for Astana as well as the national champion colors of Italy and the UK. Customers are welcome to try on these exclusive team edition jerseys in-store.

Wilier Triestina Accessories

The bicycle accessories provided by the Wilier Triestina original factory are meticulously crafted, with thoughtful details in every aspect. From the stem and seat post to the handlebar grips and even the disc brakes and bottom bracket, the complete range of brand accessories embodies the consistent spirit of excellence, both inside and out.

3E1C : The Perfect Consumer Experience

Experience 、Education、Entertainment and Customization, Wilier Triestina flagship store perfectly embodies the four core spirits of Thermaltake Bicycle’s flagship Store, dedicating efforts to promote cycling culture, organize brand cycling events, cultivate a comprehensive cycling community, offer cycling education courses, and host brand collaboration lectures. "Dedicated to creating the perfect riding experience" is the mission upheld by Thermaltake Bicycle, bringing a richer array of riding options to cyclists across Taiwan! !


In addition to enjoying customized bicycle services, customers can appreciate our experienced bike technicians showcasing their professional expertise in the custom zone with transparent glass. Combined with Thermaltake Bicycle's specialized Bike Fitting measurements, we offer a more comprehensive customization service.

Other brands in the store

In addition to Wilier, the store also offers a variety of high-quality products for cycling needs, including ABUS, a premium German road helmet brand, VB Velobici, a UK-manufactured luxury cycling apparel brand, CHPT3, a cycling apparel brand founded by former professional cyclist David Millar, and The Service Course, a Spanish brand known for its high-quality cycling clothing led by former professional cyclist Simon Gerrans. We welcome you to visit and make your selections!

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