CHPT3 x Aquila

CHPT3 x Aquila



CHPT3 Means CHAPTER 3, was created by former professional cyclist - David Millar.
CHPT3 is a cycling lifestyle brand, we believe every person has three chapters in their life: family, work and play.

Too many people have forgotten the playful chapter in their life – their third chapter. Cycling, in all its forms, benefits the body and the mind of men and women of all ages. On 2015, David Millar Created CHPT3 with vision of creating cycling clothing that he would wear as a retired racer. Now, we make cycling kit to meet you wherever your ride takes you.

CHPT3 exists to design and produce the products and share the lifestyle that cycling can inspire in all its forms, out on the road, adventures on dirt, navigating through streets, indoor training – we do it all and we want to inspire you to do the same and find the playfulness in life – your own third chapter.


2015 BEGINNINGS In 2015, David Millar met with Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams. David expressed he rarely used a bike in the city, only for training and competing, so the conversation turned to what would be the best Brompton for a die-hard roadie, not a pastiche but a bike that was lightweight, stripped-down, dynamic to ride but useful day to day. That conversation created the collaboration and was the moment the idea for the Brompton x CHPT3 was forged.

2018 V1 2018 saw the first CHPT3 Brompton’s come off the factory line, initially limited to 500 it soon became clear the demand exceeded supply. The three years since the initial meeting between Will Butler-Adams and David Millar had seen more than product development, it created a relationship built on mutual respect, both Brompton and CHPT3 became fascinated by each other’s worlds of cycling. The V1 joined these two types of cycling together, practicality x performance, titanium forks and rear triangle, custom tyres and saddle, ergon grips and an overall look and feel that morphed the bike from commuting to racing without losing any of its core purpose.

2019 V2 2019 saw the launch of the V2 bike, an evolution rather than a revolution, the concept remained the same with the details refined and improved. The Brooks saddle and Ergon grips were replaced by industry leading British company, fabric. The Schwalbe ONE tyres were developed especially for the CHPT3 V2 - the tan-wall with 35mm width lowers rolling resistance and uses extremely cut-resistant high tech fibre so maintaining a high level of puncture resistance. The rear suspension block is race-tuned, offering a stiffer more responsive ride allowing for improved handling. The fire red front tube is complimented by a textured black main frame as well as titanium forks and rear triangle. More and more events were taking place around the world: from the CHPT3 Supercar Scramble to the Jakarta CHPT3 Club, and of course, the Brompton World Championships where the men’s and women’s races were both won on CHPT3 bikes.

2020 V3 Five years since the collaboration began yet it feels like things are just starting. 2020 sees the launch of the V3 and the creation of a club for owners and fans. What we didn’t expect when we designed and built the CHPT3 Brompton was to also build a community of people - a pure product design project has turned into a design for life. For that reason in 2020 saw the launch of an official home and hub for owners and fans of the bike and style.

2023 V4 A new page in the Brompton X CHPT3 story, a collaboration founded on fun, practicality, and high performance.

A bike that originated as a city commuter and became a daily workhorse, now complimented by a shoe for fast and stylish urban riding.

And CHPT3 has another chapter with Thermaltake Bicycle to collab a CHPT3 Asia Hub to provide premium products in APAC.