Thermaltake Bicycle successfully completed the 2022 Tour of East Taiwan

Taitung, Taiwan-April 11st, 2022-In the 2022 Tour of East Taiwan , the riders rode along the Huadong Rift Valley line and completed a self-challenge of 340 kilometers within the time limit of 11 hours. Thermaltake Bicycle is the first time to form a team to participate, we calling on colleagues of the company to participate in the competition on the bicycles of thermaltake bicycle's agency brands. Even General Manager Peter, who just completed the Ironman race in March, joined the team to finish the race together! The good weather for two consecutive days broke the spell of rain in Huanhuadong for many years, and left a glorious sunburn on each participating partner. Congratulations! Heros!

TIME @ TOET by Alessandro Rigon

stijncycles @ TOET by Stijn Deferm

Taiwan’s East Coast has always attracted me; despite its raw beauty, it is not overrun by tourists. It feels like discovering paradise every time you go. I am lucky enough to have spend quite some time here, but I never enjoyed it together with other cyclists (apart from the KOM). This changed last weekend since stijncycles’ Taiwanese distributor ThermalTake Bicycles invited me to join their team for the Tour Of East Taiwan 2022.

Also promoted as the 365 Challenge (365km = the total riding distance), this event already celebrated its 22nd birthday and despite a rainy forecast more than 1600 challengers and racers showed up for the 2022 event.

Our team consisted of a wild mix of employees, friends, business partners and even a GM; TTB really is a rider-owned company! Having experience riding in a group AND cooperating makes a huge difference so I tried to help creating an efficient group formation. None of us trained to ride 170km a day, so it was important we paced ourselves, took fair shares in the lead and protected struggling riders from wind and getting dropped. Besides that, we had an awesome team in the support car along us all the way!

The views along the rocky cliffs and beaches were amazing but my personal highlight was that we finished as a group. Every rider being almost equally tired and happy. We were 2 hours faster than our best-case estimation and had plenty of time to relax and get to know each other better over pizza, beer and dinner.

The second stage (northbound) followed a different route with significantly more hills and rain-filled clouds were never far off, so it was even more important to work together, which worked amazingly. Again, big thanks to the team in the support car!

What started out as a semi long distance challenge, ended up as a fun social ride among friends, helping each other all the way. Happiness and good memories being our reward. 謝謝你!

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Thermaltake’s corporate vision is to build "a cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle". Besides gaming, a majority of our team members also enjoy the cycling lifestyle. Thermaltake’s Founder & CEO Kenny Lin is also an avid cyclist with 20 years of cycling experience. Therefore, in 2021 Thermaltake officially entered the bicycle industry, and established the Thermaltake Bicycle Division. Thermaltake Bicycle is a high-end bicycle brand agent, specializing in global & local bicycle brand representation and distribution. The company’s tech background, fashion acumen, and sharp market insight allows the team to discover innovative and top-quality bicycle brands. Thermaltake Bicycle aims to bring exciting new brands to the Taiwan cycling industry, and offer cyclists more options and services. In line with our company mission, Thermaltake Bicycle’s mission is “Delivering the Perfect Cycling Experience”. Through our carefully selected products and customized services, we hope to bring our fellow cyclists better health, freedom, and happiness.
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