Thermaltake Celebrates the Grand Opening of the First Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store

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Taipei,Taiwan-July 26th, 2022-Thermaltake Group celebrates the grand opening of the Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store. The brand new Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store opened doors this July, and is located at No. 100, Ruiguang Rd, Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan. To commemorate this important milestone, Thermaltake Bicycle held a press conference which was attended by Thermaltake’s long-time partners, industry leaders, media friends, sports influencers, and cycling enthusiasts. The event kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony led by Thermaltake Group’s Founder & CEO Kenny Lin. This was followed with a speech also delivered by Thermaltake CEO Kenny Lin.

During the speech, Kenny shared the hardships he faced as an entrepreneur starting his first business- Thermaltake Technology, which included the 2008 Financial Crisis. During that difficult period, Kenny purchased a bicycle from the famous No. 100, Ruiguang Road, a busy street lined with several bicycle shops. He started to turn towards cycling to relieve the stress from work, and eventually became a complete cycling fanatic. Kenny also took on the arduous challenge of conquering Wuzhishan Mountain; displaying the Thermaltake DNA of Courage x Passion x Perseverance. In 2019, the COVID-19 global pandemic led cycling to become one of the top choices for outdoor sports. Seeing this opportunity, Kenny decided to enter the bicycle industry and established the Thermaltake Bicycle Division. Using his enthusiasm and expertise, Kenny was able to partner with world renowned bicycle brands, and successfully went from a bicycle fan to a bicycle brand agent.

One-Stop Shop for Global Brands

The Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship store has an extensive collection of top-quality bicycle brands which include: classic Italian racing bikes Tommasini; French carbon-fibre bicycle expert TIME; American handmade bike brand Speedvagen; American titanium bicycle Moots; legendary American handcraft bike brand Richard Sachs; Japanese folding bike leader Tyrell; Belgium bicycle brand stijncycles. Represented bicycle bag and accessories brands also include: eco-friendly Demano bags from Barcelona, Spain; British travel bag brand Apidura; America’s top bike pedals Crankbrothers; and Spanish luxury bicycle apparel The Service Course.

The Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store brings on the core values instilled in our first-generation Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Gaming System Flagship Store: “Experience”, “Education”, “Entertainment”, and “Customization”. The Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store aims to bring an immersive shopping experience to cyclists in Taiwan.

Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store- 4 Core Values:

Thermaltake Bicycle houses several top-quality brands from all over the world. The types of brand we represent range from urban commuting to road racing, from classical elegance to modern fashion. Customers can test ride our different bikes, and experience each bike’s exquisite craftsmanship.

The Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store will soon provide cycling-related courses. Customers can sign up online, and take the many courses offered, like bicycle maintenance basics, and more.

The Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store is equipped with indoor cycling training stations that are installed with exclusive virtual cycling software. Besides outdoor cycling, cyclists can enjoy the convenience and entertainment of indoor cycling.

Thermaltake Bicycle also offers bicycle customization services. The Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store has a customization area designed with fully transparent glass partitions. Customers and cycling fanatics can watch our experienced bicycle mechanics at work.

Thermaltake Bicycle and Demano Barcelona Partners for a Path toward Environmental Sustainability

Thermaltake Bicycle joined hands with eco-conscious Spanish bicycle bag brand Demano to work toward environmental sustainability by creating products through recycling. The Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store’s outdoor advertising canvas was sent to Demano's factory in Spain for re-design. The old canvas was transformed into limited-edition, eco-friendly Thermaltake Bicycle X Demano Barcelona cycling bags and accessories, which were then given as souvenirs to the attendees at the store’s opening ceremony.

Cycling Sports to Cycling Esports

Thermaltake Founder & CEO Kenny Lin predicts that indoor virtual cycling (esports cycling) will become increasingly popular. During the Thermaltake Bicycle Taipei Flagship Store’s grand opening, we held an indoor virtual cycling exhibition match. The store has several indoor cycling training stations equipped with the latest technology from ELITE, Tacx, Wahoo, and Xplova. We also have the upcoming Thermaltake CYCLEDESK, an intelligent cycle desk that can not only be used as a computer work desk but also for indoor cycling training. In the future, Thermaltake Bicycle looks forward to holding more cycling competitions in-store and online.

【Thermaltake Bicycle Flagship Store】
· Address:114738 No. 100, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114738 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
· TEL:02-2790-1300
· Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 11:00 –20:00
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About Thermaltake Bicycle
Thermaltake Technology was established in 1999, and has been marketed to the world under the Thermaltake brand name ever since. We are always striving to innovate and diversify our business. The company possesses a rich bike-friendly culture and a thriving cycling community. In 2021, Thermaltake officially ventured into the bicycle industry, and established the Thermaltake Bicycle Division. Thermaltake Bicycle is a high-end bicycle brand agent, specializing in global & local bicycle brand representation and distribution.
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