Demano Fontana Brompton - Green lineDemano Fontana Brompton - Green lineDemano Fontana Brompton - Green lineDemano Fontana Brompton - Green line

Demano Fontana Brompton - Green line

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MSRP NT$5,680
*Multi Position Design: For optimal aerodynamics regardless of head tilt
*Forced Air Cooling Technology: Sophisticated ventilation system for an optimal head climate
*FlowStraps: Aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly thanks to specially developed strap profile
*Zoom Ace: Finely adjustable adjustment system with handy adjustment wheel for customisable fit
*AirPort: Aerodynamic glasses holder with strap guide
*Multi Shell In Mold: For safe shock absorption
*Ponytail compatibility: Helmet well suited to plait wearers
*Head Circumference: M:52 - 58 cm / L:59 - 62 cm

Description :

The RIBERA mini bag is totally waterproof made with recycled materials in Barcelona. It is ideal for your day to day in the city. It is designed so that you can hook it on your Brompton bike or hang it on your shoulder when you are not riding. It has an interior compartment and another with a zip for your small objects. It also has a large front pocket and a zippered flap pocket for easy access while riding.
The frame is included. It is removable.
Fits all types of S / M / H / P handlebars

Brand Story :

Demano Barcelona In 1999, Demano begins in Barcelona as an innovative project based on the respect for the environment and the aesthetic consciousness that seeks to give new life and meaning to discarded materials generated by the cultural, social and sports activities in the city. That is how an advertising banner, a kitesurfing kite, a piece of cloth or an umbrella become a bag, a backpack, a purse or a briefcase that begin their journey to tell the daily story of the city. Making a Demano product is an exciting and thorough process. It involves collecting the material, taking it to our workshop and cleaning it. So, we get our raw material ready, stripping it of its previous life in order to help it reincarnate into a new element. Its body will be the result of design, cutting and sewing, with the collaboration of small workshops in Barcelona, some of which employ workers with disabilities that carefully handcraft each one of our products. Its soul will remain forever Barcelona, and future experiences will be given by its new owners and their travels.

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